One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

-- Henry Miller

The Team

Jason Stewart

Originally from Brisbane, Australia; Jason set off on his adventures back in 2005 when he decided one day that there must be more to life than the typical "9 to 5" daily grind. He packed his bag leaving everything he knew behind and started what would be an amazing discovery not only of the world but of himself as well.

The original plan was to travel to London then up through the heart of Asia before heading west through Russia and Europe. This was achieved in three short months but the journey wasn't to end there, for Jason it had just started.... the travel bug was deeply implanted into his spirit.

In the last five years he has witnessed and experienced the cultures of 25 per cent of the world’s countries, but to him this is merely an insignificant number as the continuing journey still feels like the very first day.

Dawid Pietkiewicz

Dawid's dream of becoming a Cameraman started when he got his first still camera from his father at 13 years old.
Ever since he has been learning how to capture the best moments of every journey Dawid has been put in.

Whilst growing up and learning more and more about photography, lenses, chemical development of the film, cameras, light, and composition; he started to explore motion photography as much as much as possible by making short films and documenting his travels.

At the age of 20 Dawid decided to move to Los Angeles from Poland after dropping out of film school and while spending his time between Southern California and Mexico saved enough money to buy his how semi-professional video camera and pursue his dream.

Being based in LA gave Dawid the change to work on projects all across the globe from around the USA to South America, China and Europe whilst developing his skills and learning many different cultures and languages.
"I love taking on challenges and shoot travel documentaries, in extreme conditions, and make it look real; it lets me combine my love for travel and filmmaking.
This is the best job I could ever dream of."

Dan Reeves

Since escaping the confines of the UK's broadmoor, 28 year old Dan, a self confessed lover of all things folk, has achived many things before finally settling on his career path as an editor. 


From representing the state of Nauru in the 2006 slipper tossing competition of the Pacific Islands, to being the first person from the UK to claim to have performed the 'tuck and run' naked on the remote beach of Bahia San Gabriel.  It was a minor injury collected whilst playing stone ball in the back streets of Cartagena that forced Dan to take a different look at his future. 


Finally settling on his mutual interests of both sitting and watching TV, sometimes doing both at the same time, he soon wound up in London's soho, where he can be currently found pushing buttons for a living.


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