One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

-- Henry Miller

The Project


How It Started

In the European summer of 2009 an idea was born. An idea that needed to be shared with the world.

While Jason was travelling through the Republic of Belarus he realised that this amazing country, so geographically close to our modern day definition of Western Europe, was still an enigma to the countless backpackers traversing through the neighbouring countries. Why is this? What's stopping people from taking a leap of faith across the border?

It was from this very simple question that the wheels started to turn and the idea of spontaneous travel through Drop Me Off Here was born!


The Idea

In simple terms - Drop Me Off Here is bringing backpacking back to a fundamental, simplistic level.

Ditch the fancy equipment; throw away the guidebook....simply travel.

With so much information readily available at our fingertips, we believe that many people just don't know how to travel without copious amounts of information and meticulously planning every last detail.

We want to show new, 'veteran', tentative and armchair travellers just how much you can get out of a spontaneous trip. We reckon it’s far more enjoyable than any guidebook itinerary!

To show how it's done we arrive at a destination with no knowledge or research (except for safety, security and visa advice). The only thing that’s pre-organised is the 'drop off' transport, which we pay a local travel agency to organise. We then leave it up to them to decide what location inside the chosen country we’ll be starting from.


The Goal

We don't want to change the way people travel as we understand that everyone travels very differently and for different reasons.

We hope to just 'plant the seed'; the thought that enables people to traverse into the unknown and no doubt outside their comfort zone. Whether it’s not planning your whole two week holiday or simply taking that bus to a destination not in your guidebook, we think that not only will you get much more personal satisfaction but also a chance to enrich your cultural experience of the destination too!

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