The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

-- St. Augustine



In our very first episode (The Pilot!) we chose to visit the country of Georgia.

Located in the Southern Caucasus group with neighbouring countries Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia; Georgia has a little of everything it seems. From the soaring mountains and ski fields of the Greater Caucasus Range with the rarely visited village communities nestled around glacier fed rivers, to the warmth and joy of the Black Sea coast where one can still find seclusion in the mid-summer on its vast coastline.

There is the arid and semi-desert region in the south which is home to a unique landscape of cave monasteries and the bustling capital of Tbilisi where you would be forgiven for thinking you were in a Central Europe metropolis.

Then of course there are the Georgians themselves; intensely hospitable, splendidly friendly and fiercely proud.

We spent two weeks exploring this amazing place and left with the breath-taking memory of a country we knew nothing about.

Trip Map

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Getting There

Regular and seasonal flights into both Tbilisi & Batumi airports depart directly from Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Czech Republic, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Netherlands, Turkey & Ukraine


There are only two international rail journeys into Georgia which depart from Baku, Azerbaijan & Yerevan, Armenia. It is possible to make the train journey from Istanbul however a short bus journey over the border is needed before connecting to another train in Batumi.


The Black Sea ports of Batumi and Poti see ferries arriving from Bulgaria & Ukraine. There are also ferries departing from the Russian port of Sochi, which is the only method of transport between the two countries at present.


Georgia lies on the Old Silk Road route and is popular with cyclists doing the trip across Europe through to Asia. As a result drivers are use to bikes on the highways, although the amount of room they are will to give to bike is.... slim!
Hitch hiking throughout the country is entirely possible and in the mountainous regions is the only way to get about.


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